Gareth Jones

Being introduced to Sam direct from our accountant gave us confidence we were in the right hands from the outset.  When Sam said she use to be an accountant this strengthened my confidence and trust.  She knows her way around business and her tax knowledge was very helpful.

One of our directors had a couple of issues with the nurses testing and GP report.  Sam really had our best interests at all times and didn’t accept what she had been told when it was different to what she knew was right.  Sam listened and understood the conversations between the director and nurse/GP report and with this information she pushed to ensure we had the correct outcome.

Once everything was in place Sam updated our accountant, our internal accountant didn’t have to get involved.  This wasn’t something we expected Sam to do.

Nothing was too much trouble for Sam to deal with.  Her attention to detail was impeccable especially when the outcome was not as we expected.  I would highly recommend Sam’s expertise and services.  She kept us informed throughout the process which ended up being much longer than we anticipated due to COVID-19.

We are now in our second annual review; as the company has grown, we are reviewing our Shareholder Protection, Key Person and Relevant Life Plan cover to ensure we are fully protected, having a long-term relationship with Sam at Enable Life is invaluable to us.

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