Rob Cartlton

I can highly recommend Sam to your business; Sam’s professionalism, enthusiasm and combined with her hands on approach to delivering value differentiated them from other high-profile firms I have used in the past. I found most impressive and valuable is Sam’s attention to detail.

Sam has a passion to help SME businesses and has taken the time to get to know our business, she is open and honest in her recommendations.

We have used both Life & Health insurance services from Sam which for my business and personally.  Knowing that our shareholdings were protected when we needed them was invaluable for our cashflow when it was most needed, now we have self-insured as the businesses have grown and gone global.  We have continued with our UK office Private Medical Insurance as health is very important to us as directors and wanted to ensure our staff have the same benefits too.

Since 2016 Sam has looked after our best interests and ensured we are with the right providers for our needs, when we switched to a different company in 2020 the process was easy with the support Sam provided.  We gained a better service from our Health Insurance provider; within a few days of policy going live we had to make an unexpected claim, this process was faultless as Sam has ensure the right person contacted us as the time they said they would.

Thanks again for all you have done for us

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